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When the infrastructure team had its big meet-up in Trondheim in the beginning of August, one of the ideas was to create an engineering blog. We already have a process for writing design documents, but this only covers bigger system changes. There are many more topics that typically goes undocumented, for instance:

An engineering blog is a good place to write down this kind of nuggets for later reference. So the next time you have a question like “didn’t we discuss something like this last fall?” or “why did we do X like that again?”, you could simply have a look at the blog to find the answer.

It could also be a good way do initiate a discussion, and keep the record for later. So instead of the lunch idea just fizzling out when you are back at the office, it could be elaborated and perhaps implemented.

Since writing a blog post should be easy, we can start out with a familiar tool: Slack has a decent “Post” function, and allows per post discussion threads.

So to create an engineering blog post, all you need to do is to switch to the #engineering-blog channel, click + and select Post. Then make sure the title is set and and click Share.

Discussing a post is also easy with the regular thread facility that we already use a lot. Ideally the channel should only contain blog posts on its top level.

Searching blog posts is trivial using Slack’s search facility and filtering by in:#engineering-blog.

So the next time you have an idea, a proposal for something, did something cool, watched and interesting talk or basically anything engineering related, please write it up and share it with the rest of us!

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